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Gregor Xane

I prefer science fiction, fantasy, and horror without the spaceships, dragons, and zombies.

The Empire of Ice Cream

Sadly, none of my favorite author's short story collections are available in audio book format. I had the idea recently to revisit all of Jeffrey Ford's short works through audio to see what I could learn from a modern master of the form, but I quickly found that my educational plan could not be enacted in full. Luckily, a number of his stories were recorded for various podcasts and are available for free in disparate locales across the internet. 


The Empire of Ice Cream is one such story. And I highly recommend you give it a listen. Genre-wise, it falls somewhere between science fiction and fantasy set in the modern world.


You can find it here. (The story begins at approximately 00:09:30)



  • Hugo Nomination for Best Novelette 2004.
  • Nebula for Best Novelette 2003.
  • World Fantasy Award Nomination for Best Novella 2004