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Ergot Suum and the Rampaging Ooze-Worm of Zupiter

Ergot Suum and the Rampaging Ooze-Worm of Zupiter - H. Cogito Epsilon It's kind of hard to describe what this book is. The closest I can come is to say that it's kind of like what a really smutty erotica novel might read like in the Futurama universe. It's a farce set in a zany SF universe where the plot chiefly exists to get our Earthling hero into sexual situations with a variety of alien females. There are lots and lots of human male-on-alien female sex in this book.

Now, before you run out and get yourself a copy, be forewarned, the alien women aren't even remotely humanoid. But, if you're one to be turned on by some hot erotic fiction featuring gobs of man-on-giant slugbeast or man-on-elephant/pig hybrid action, then this is the book for you. And, by all means, rush out and get it right away (just don't send me a friend request on Goodreads).