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The Tyrant's Law (The Dagger and the Coin)

The Tyrant's Law - Daniel Abraham This was a fairly disappointing entry in "The Dagger and The Coin Quintet." There weren't many major developments (or at least no really earthshaking ones) that justified an entire volume. The writing overall was good. But there were a few spots where I couldn't believe how awful the execution was. The scene that immediately springs to mind is the one where Marcus and Yardem meet up again. Their lack of a confrontation wasn't convincing and the dialogue in this scene was silly and not in keeping with the overall tone of the books. It was like Abraham was suddenly trying to channel Joss Whedon, which is something no one should ever do. We don't need more than one Whedon (and it's debatable as to whether or not one is too many).

Will I buy the next book in the series? Yes. Daniel Abraham has already earned that next purchase with every other book I've read by him (The Long Price Quartet is fantastic). This one was just a bit plodding, is all. Plus, I have to find out how he wraps it all up.