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A Gentle Boo for Bobo

Bobo - Richard Schiver

I liked all the elements that made up this story, but I didn't much care for the execution. I understand that the protagonist was mentally unstable and that maybe the author was trying to emulate that with the storytelling techniques employed, but it didn't work for me. Following this story was as tricky as building a sandcastle on top of a giant block of Jello after both hands have been bitten off by a shark. (Okay, that bit about the shark is an exaggeration.)

But this is one that folks will likely be divided on. And it looks like Bobo might be permafree on the old Amazon. So, you can grab it and give it a go, if you're one to gobble up stories about creepy clowns no matter what: http://amzn.com/B00727UILU