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National Short Story Month Recap

It looks like I read 67 short stories for National Short Story Month. I read a number of individually packaged shorts and four collections: Harmlessly Insane by Evans & Adam Light, A Modest Collection of Slightly Shocking Fairy Tales by Richard McGowan, Seeker by Ade Grant, and What the Dark Brings by Edward Lorn.

Below you'll find the complete list of stories I read in May, presented in roughly the order in which I read them. If the story is currently available as a free download, I've added a link to the source page for your convenience.

"Whatever Possessed You?" by Evans Light
"Gertrude" by Evans Light
"Aboreatum" by Evans Light
"Nose Hears" by Evans Light
"The Mole People Beneath the City" by Evans Light
"Cry Baby" by Evans Light
"Pay Back" by Evans Light
"Curtains for Love" by Evans Light
"Candie Apple" by Evans Light
"The Package" by Evans Light
"Black Door" by Evans Light
"The Sisters Who Gave the Devil His Due" by Richard McGowan
"How to Get Ahead by Kissing Frogs" by Richard McGowan
"The Awful Wages of Unbridled Lesbianism" by Richard McGowan
"Two Little Girls with Runaway Imaginations" by Richard McGowan
"The Little Princess Who Wanted Children" by Richard McGowan
"Taken" by Adam Light
"Way Out of Here" by Adam Light
"No Such Thing" by Edward Lorn
"The Mortician's Temptation" (Not yet published) by Sarah Roberts
"Gone"  by Adam Light
"Serving Spirits" by Adam Light
"Vengence by the Foot" by Adam Light
"The Continuance Agency" by Adam Light
"Peeler" by Gord Rollo (FREE on Amazon!)
"Seeker" by Ade Grant
"Three Ghosts" by Ade Grant
"The Abortionist" by Ade Grant
"Sausages" by Ade Grant
"The Secret Junction" by Ade Grant
"The Couch" by Ade Grant
"The Outlaw Women" (Not yet published) by Amber Foxx
"Chuggie and the Fish Freaks of Farheath" by Brent Michael Kelley
"Literary Sweets" by Edward Lorn
"A Friendly Reminder" by Edward Lorn
"The Monitor" by Edward Lorn
"The Southbound Triple-Six" by Edward Lorn
"Up on the Rooftop" by Edward Lorn
"A Purchase of Titanic Proportions" by Edward Lorn
"The Land of Her" by Edward Lorn
"What the Dark Brings" by Edward Lorn
"That Thing about a Picture and a Thousand Words" by Edward Lorn
"Smitten" by Edward Lorn
"Machinations" by Edward Lorn
"He Who Laughs Last" by Edward Lorn
"The Attraction" by Edward Lorn
"He's Got Issues" by Edward Lorn
"Sissy" by Edward Lorn
"Holes" by Edward Lorn
"The Kissing Booth" by Edward Lorn
"Come to Jesus Meeting" by Edward Lorn
"An Affair to Remember" by Edward Lorn
"Snuggles" by Edward Lorn
"World's Greatest Dad" by Edward Lorn (FREE at Goodreads)
"Offline" by Kealan Patrick Burke
"Tomorrow" (Not yet published) by Sarah Roberts
"Microchip Murder" by Martyn V. Halm (FREE on Amazon!)
"To Read or Not to Read" by Vincent Hobbes (FREE on Amazon!)
"Bobo" by Richard Schiver (FREE on Amazon!)
"Music of the Gods" by Richard Schiver (FREE on Amazon!)
"Wicked Smart Carnie" by Mark Matthews (FREE on Amazon!)
"Zombie Dash" by Mark Matthews (FREE on Amazon!)
"The Damage Done" by Mark Matthews (FREE on Amazon!)
"Concrete Gods" by Harry Shannon and Kealan Patrick Burke
"Faces in Revolving Souls" by Caitlin R. Kiernan (FREE at Lightspeed Magazine)
"When We Were Heroes" by Daniel Abraham (FREE at Tor.com)
"In the House of the Worm" by George R.R. Martin

Story titles appearing in 'bold' above are the standouts.