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Attack of the Giant Starlet-Faced Plant Women Wielding Bloodsucking Vaginal Tentacles!

Vegan Vampire Vaginas - Wol-vriey

If trigger warnings were a mandatory thing that had to be slapped on books, this would be the warning label for Vegan Vampire Vaginas:


Yes, that's right. ALL. There is something in this book that is bound to upset you. At the very least, there is something in this book that will make you feel very, very uncomfortable.

Really, you're probably not going to like this book.

If you've ever said to yourself while reading a book, "What kind of sick fuck comes up with this shit?"--start running now.


I've read three other works by Wol-vriey and like to think that I have an exceedingly high tolerance for the disgusting, the questionable, the taboo, the transgressive subject matter, and I have to admit I was at times a little put off by some of the stuff in this book. And I'm not talking about the typos. (But, hey, Burning Bulb Press, the typos were off-putting.)

By this point, if you're still in doubt about whether or not this might be something you'd like to read, follow this link and read about the Miller test:


This book wouldn't pass.

Okay, then, what's good about this book?

It's a highly inventive work, both in imagery and in its structure. In addition to including at least a mention of almost every single societal taboo at least once, the narrative itself takes turns that would be considered taboo by most storytellers. This book is truly an intriguing piece of experimental writing, if for no other reason than it's a piece of experimental writing that isn't boring--it actually carries you along as if you're reading a conventional adventure novel.

This book certainly isn't for everyone. But I'd recommend it to fans of the Bizarro genre and to connoisseurs of extreme outsider art.

3.69 stars rounded up to 4

Full Disclosure: The deranged author provided an electronic copy of this disgusting book in exchange for an honest/nonreciprocal review.