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Gregor Xane

I prefer science fiction, fantasy, and horror without the spaceships, dragons, and zombies.

Web bots will 'write' eBlook anthologies one day

Horror 101: The Way Forward - Ramsey Campbell, Graham Masterton, Edward Lee, Lisa Morton, Adam Nevill, Weston Ochse, Tim Waggoner, Jasper Bark, Kevin Lucia, Gary McMahon, Rena Mason, Lucy A. Snyder, Steve Rasnic Tem, Scott Nicholson, R.J. Cavender, Iain Rob Wright, Robert W. Walker, William Meikle

If you can get it on a freebie day, you'll be glad someone collected and compiled these blog posts from various websites for you.


You'll find some helpful nuggets mixed in with some thinly-veiled fits of self-promotion.


The verdict? Not worthless!